Meet Gaucha one of our newest members!

Meet Gaucha! A mother, wife, BarMethod instructor, lover of all things furry and Mother Earth. Gaucha is our newest CarbonForest member. We recently interviewed her and wanted to share how she makes Small Changes to create BIG IMPACT.

What are your feelings about climate change?

 I'm starting to feel more concerned about climate change as we see extreme weather events in the US and around the world. Climate change is not just destroying homes and communities, it's also causing grief and uncertainty over what our future holds. I recently heard a story on NPR about how kids born today could face up to 7 times more climate disasters. We are talking about heat, drought, fires, hurricanes, floods, and disrupted ecosystems that could contribute to more frequent pandemics. Do we really wanna live that way? No one is exempt from climate change. This is a lesson learned from this pandemic.

 Why is a CarbonForest membership a good fit for your climate change goals?

Planting trees is one of the best ways to mitigate climate change and thankfully CarbonForest is here to make it happen! For as little as $8 a month, you can erase your lifetime carbon footprint. It is a little give back to Mother Earth and a huge gift to our children and their children. 


Do you have any advice or thoughts that you want to share with people about climate change? 

My wish is that we can all somehow subscribe to this concept called revolutionary optimism. If we do something, even the smallest thing, we can feel more active, involved, and conscious of how our collective actions can create BIG IMPACT :)

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